5 Famous Sports in the USA

Sports and games are played all around the world. sports are part of every country’s past and present. There are several countries that display a diverse range of sports. Every country has its own national sport which they have command on. Not only national sport, but some countries also have commands on other sports as well. Most of the Countries not only play sport, but they also host the game. Sports play a very important role in the USA. Sports in the USA act as a social glue to bond the country together. The United States has placed first in the Summer Olympic medal table 18 times out of 29 Summer Olympics. Based on Olympic Games, and other major competitions in respective sports. Sports are always links with players and sportspeople personally take good care of their feet and legs by purchasing shoes which are specially made for sports. You can avail discount on the sports shoes that is suitable for the sport you play by opting Redeem on sports.  

The USA is the most successful nation in baseball, basketball, athletics, swimming, beach volleyball, figure skating, tennis, golf, boxing, and snowboarding, likewise, the USA is one of the top five most successful nations in ice hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball, speed skating, and much more. This makes the United States the most successful sports nation in the world. Sports are associated with education in the USA. most high schools and universities have organized sports, on the other hand, college sports competitions play an important role in the USA. American Football is the most famous sport in the USA, similarly, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer, which make up a list of five famous sports in the USA. Here we are going to talk about the five famous sports in the USA which are the most popular and watched sports. Following are the Famous sports in the USA:

American Football:

All the sports played in the USA, without a doubt, American football is by far the most famous sport among them.  Football is also the 9th most popular sport all around the world. With 37% of Americans, football is declared the most famous sport to watch in the USA. People who likes to watch football at home can checkout RedeemOnLiving to buy big displays to get that stadium vibes at home while staying on the budget. However, many young people do not only watch football in their homes, but they also come to watch the game in the stadiums. The 17-week regular-season starts in September and ends in December with every team playing 16 games, consisting of 36 teams divided between The National Football Conference (NFC) and The America Football Conference (AFC). Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest annual sporting event held in the USA, so also, The Super Bowl itself is always among the highest-rated programs. In fact, when the final game of the season is held, it becomes an unofficial holiday. Almost everyone celebrates that day, no matter if they have no interest in football. 


Baseball is the second most famous sport in the USA and the 7th famous sport in the world. In the USA professional baseball is played by the Major League Baseball (MLB) teams which are divided into National League (NL) and American League (AL). both have three divisions: East, west, and central. baseball season usually starts from March or early April to the end of September to early October every year, likewise, there are post-season games, which generally go till late October and can run into November. Each of the 30 MLB teams on the American League (AL) and National League (NL) plays almost 162 games every year. When the regular season completes, three divisional champions and two wildcard teams from America League and National league move forward to the semi-finals. The two winners from the playoffs move to the World Series also known as Fall Classic, and the winning team receives the Commissioner’s Trophy.


Basketball is the third most famous sport in the USA and, one of the most popular sports in the world with an average of 825 million fans all around the world. Basketball played in countries of every continent except Antarctica, however, the sport is originated in the USA. National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league that consists of 30 teams, which are divided into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. The NBA season generally starts from October till April. Each team plays 82 games during the season. The top eight teams from each conference move forward to the semi-finals, and the two winning teams from playoffs move forward to the NBA Finals. 

Ice hockey:

Ice hockey is generally referred to as hockey in the USA, is another famous sport in the USA. ice hockey is famous in the northern region of the USA and in Canada with a cold winter climate. The major professional hockey league in North America is the National Hockey League with 25 US-based teams and 7 Canadian-based teams which play for the Stanley Cup. hockey season starts from October till April. Teams play 82 games, where three teams that have the highest place in each division and two wild card teams play in the semifinals. The winning team gets Stanley Cup.


In recent years, soccer trend got more popular in the USA. It took several years for soccer to join the great five American Sports. Soccer is the third-most played sport in the USA as it is played by over 13 million people in the USA. The United Soccer League is professional men’s soccer league and The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) is a professional women’s soccer league. Men’s national team and women’s national along with a number of national youth teams, govern by the USA soccer federation and represent the USA in international soccer competitions. An average of 20,000 fans attended the MLS matches, which is the 3rd highest attendance any sports league in the USA. it’s important to get the most suitable sports shoes to play well on the ground. To get amazing sports shoes you can visit Off On Shoes. 

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