7 Great Reasons to Use Gardening Hats: Why Garden Hats Matter?

Hats are often perceived as mundane or ordinary. People don’t usually buy them unless they need them. I was also one of those people who perceived them as mundane until I learned the various benefits of hats.

There are a variety of reasons why a gardening hats is important. If you’re an avid gardener like me then you should read this. Hats may seem like an ordinary thing but they are really important, especially garden hats, mainly because they are wide-brimmed. That is why I have compiled a list of reasons to wear garden hats.

Reasons To Wear Gardening Hats Outdoor

1.  UV Rays

UV Rays are the most important factor to consider while choosing a hat. Many studies have proved the hazardous effects of these rays. They cause skin cancer and several other issues such as pigmentation, wrinkles and sunburn.

Therefore you want a wide-brimmed hat, preferably with a veiled back. This type of hat will not only cover your shoulders and neck but also some of the back. The material of these hats should always be UPF50+ or higher.

While many people choose their hats according to style, trends or personal preference, the main reason to choose one’s hat should be protection from UV rays. Therefore, you should always choose light colours and UV protected fabric.

2.  Eye Protection

Another reason to choose a gardening hats is to protect your eyes. Most people prefer sunglasses and while you can use them during hiking, sunglasses are not practical in gardening. A gardener has to have an unobscured view of the soil and plant in natural colours.

So why buy sunglasses when a hat can do the work of both? A wide-brimmed hat will block a good amount of UVA and UVB rays. These two are the most harmful rays, especially the UVA. UVA rays can seriously damage your retina and cause impaired vision or other severe conditions. Even if the eyes can absorb most of the UVB rays it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3.  Protecting From Bugs

If you ever went hiking in the countryside or you’re a gardener, you know how annoying bugs can be. Imagine taking a selfie or working in your garden and suddenly a horsefly bites you on your shoulder or neck. Painful doesn’t even begin to describe the agony you will feel. Wearing a hat will not only deter these types of bugs but will also save you from those pesky mosquitoes. The less uncovered area for them to bite the better.

4.  Cool Shade

This is true in both cases. You can get shade from the sun as well as a beautiful shade to match your outfit. If you are working in your garden on a hot sunny day, hiking on a trail or fishing in a boat, you will be happy to have a hat. It cannot provide you shade like a tree but it can guarantee some much-needed relief. Because where will you find a tree in the river?

5.  Rain

A garden hat can benefit you both ways. Keep the rain out and keep the warmth in. It’s quite hard to hike in the rain, especially when the water is getting in your eyes or your glasses. Wearing gardening hats provide shelter to your scalp from wind, cold, and rain. Moreover, it also protect the hair from breakage caused by disclosure to rough elements.

6.  Coverup The Bed-hair

Gardening hats are the solution to your bad hair days. When you’re too lazy to even comb your hair but don’t want people to see the bird’s nest on your head either, a hat can be a fashionable way to cover up. Sometimes hikers or vloggers are miles away from home and a bath seems like a luxury. They often wear hats to cover up their messy hair.

7.  Pretty Designs

While choosing a hat is necessary, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the style too. There are several garden hats available that can be sophisticated and gorgeous. You can choose one according to your preferences. It can be adorned with flowers, embroidery or some other embellishments. The main point is you don’t have to look like Freddy Kreuger while wearing a hat.


I have summarized the reasons to buy gardening hats comprehensively. Hats provide us with various benefits and aren’t very expensive. Considering the number of benefits we get this is a great deal. When you buy a hat you are actually buying sunblock, eyeglasses and an umbrella for the price of a hat.

You don’t need a specific season to buy a hat. The benefits it provides will be there may it be summer or winter. Now that you have gained knowledge about the importance of hats you are eligible to purchase one.

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