Environmental Health

Environmental health is defined as the effect of physical components, chemical substances and biological factors (living or non-loving things) on the well-being and health of physical, social and cultural environment. It also focusses on the factors in the environment that are having harmful effect on the well-being and behavior of the living organisms.

 It also involves the evaluation and control of those factors in the environment that can affect the health of living organisms.


Environmental health focusses on the factors such as

  • Good air quality
  • Clean drinking water
  • Climate change and its affect
  • Control of diseases.
  • Biosafety
  • Solid waste management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Medical waste management
  • Electronic waste management
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Noise pollution control
  • Prevention from lead poisoning

Tips to improve and protect environmental health in 2022

After industrialization the environmental health has degraded badly. The harmful gasses emitting from the factories and industries are degrading air quality and are causing many health problems in living organisms such as asthma and other respiratory problems. Contaminated water from the houses and industries is getting mixed with the drinking water that is affecting the human health and contaminating the natural water reservoirs. Emission of carbon dioxide by burning of fossil fuels and the release of other greenhouse gasses is increasing earth’s atmosphere temperature which in return is causing climate change. Melting of glaciers, rise in sea level and extinction of some animals and plants species are some affects. Cutting down of trees is causing desertification and loss of habitat.

According to recent studies about five to ten percent disability adjusted life years lost are due environmental issues in Europe. Similarly an environmental issue causes about 4.9 million deaths.

Protection and improvement of environmental health is very important as it not only protects the environment but also the human health. The factors that have harmful effect on the human and environment need to be assessed and controlled in order to improve the environmental health and to find the ways to protect the environmental health. In order to prevent any more health issues and environmental problems we should find ways to improve and protect the environmental health.

Some of the steps that we can take to improve and protect the environmental health in 2022 are:

  1. Use of Public Transport

We should promote the usage of public transport more so that the numbers of cars on the road are reduced and there will less release of vehicle exhaust.

2. Planting Trees

Planting more and more trees so that the concentration of greenhouse gasses reduces. It will produce green and healthy environment.

3. Less Plastic Usage

Using less plastic bottles because of presence of chemical contaminants and use recyclable bottles.

4. Use Natural Cotton

The use of cotton that is grown by using less pesticides and harmful chemicals like organic cotton, wool or silk. This would also encourage farmer to grow cotton organically with the use of minimum amount of chemicals and hence not contaminating the water and environment.

5. Choose Locally Grown Food

Food and vegetables that are shipped from far off areas often consume lots of fossil fuels that cause air pollution. Locally grown food is not only organic but cheaper. We also get knowledge about how local fruits and vegetables are grown and how much pesticides were used.

6. Be a Vegetarian

The production of meat also has a great impact on the environment. Livestock industries produce eighteen percent of the greenhouse gasses. Moreover meat consumption causes some health issues like high cholesterol and few chances of heart diseases. Research shows that vegetarians are less likely to be obese.

7. Use Water Based Equipment’s for Cleaning

The clothes as sometimes perchloroethylene is used for cleaning clothes that after dry cleaning  some of it stays in the fabric and when it comes in contact with skin it can cause many health problems and some of that is washed away gets mixed with the water.

8. Growing Fruits and Vegetables

We should start growing fruits and vegetables at home. This is best way to eat healthy food. Moreover there will be no fossil fuel used for transportation of food and they will be pesticides free.

9. Go Solar

The electricity utility plants generate volatile organic plants and electric utilities produce nitrogen oxides. Both are harmful to environment by producing ground level ozone. Use of solar system in our houses will be not only be cost effective but also less harmful to environment as its production requires renewable source of energy that is sunlight unlike the other way.

10. Clean Water and Waste Management

We should not let solid waste get mixed with the water before discharging waste water. Solid waste should be segregated at home. This will not fill landfill with harmful substance.

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